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Resume Tips
  • Always use standard letter size ivory, cream or neutral color paper.  A bright pink resume WILL stand out.  It will also get
    laughed at and possibly thrown out.

  • Use an easy to read Font Style – typically 10 point works well, Univers or Times New Roman

  • Avoid excessive graphics use, boxes or distracting lines and designs (unless of course you are looking for a desk top
    publishing position).

  • Make sure your name is larger than anything else on the page (use common sense).

  • Be sure your name, address and phone number are on every page you use for job hunting (resume, cover letter, reference list,

  • Do not present your resume in first person

  • Make sure you are consistent.  Check your bolding, capitalizing, underlining, italicizing…If one company name is underlined,
    make sure all are underlined.  Check titles, dates, etc.

  • Check your tabs.  Check your space between sections.  Is everything lined up?

  • Check your vocabulary.  Be especially careful here.  Don’t write, “maintain inventory, researched accounts.” Notice the change
    in verb tense.  This should read either, “maintain inventory, research accounts,” OR “maintained inventory, researched
    accounts.”  Don’t limit this rule to each individual section of your resume.  Your entire resume should be consistent in
    vocabulary and verb tense.

  • Always include your computer skills

  • It is highly effective to use bullet points for each job duty you are describing.  If someone is scanning your resume, it helps to
    decipher one point from another.

  • Be sure to include all of the following in your description: your title, the company name, the dates of your employment (don’t
    use exact dates – month and year are sufficient), and what you did or accomplished here.

  • Always allow the most space to the jobs that are most relevant to the job you’re applying for.

  • Do not include your previous supervisors’ name or your salary history.

  • Drop off work experience that is irrelevant.  If you want a financial analyst position, don’t include your experience at the Burger
    Hop running a cash register.

  • Drop off work experience that is more than 10 or 15 years back; it isn’t current.  Don’t advertise your nationality, race, religion,
    etc.  Keep your resume as neutral as possible.  Your resume is a summary of your skills and abilities.

  • Don’t put anything personal on your resume. (i.e. birth date, marital status, height, hobbies, etc.) These items are

  • A one page resume is best, but do not crowd your resume – shorten the margins if you need more space or if you find it
    necessary to do a two page resume, make sure you balance the information on each page.  Don’t put just one section on the
    second page.  Be careful about where the page break occurs.  Make sure your name and phone number are on the second

  • It is very important to keep your resume updated.  Don’t have “9/92 to Present,” if you ended your job two months ago.  People
    perceive that as misrepresentation.  Do not cross out and handwrite on your resume.  People perceive that as unprofessional.

  • Never lie on your resume

  • Always proofread your resume AND have someone with excellent grammar and spelling skills review it.  Although you may
    possess good grammar and spelling skills, or if you have a grammar and spell checker on your computer, you still need to
    have someone else check it.  There are too many ways to make errors that a computer does not recognize.

  • Always have spare copies of your resume, NEVER ask a potential employer to “make a copy because it is your last one.”

  • Understand and remember everything written on your resume.  Be able to back up all statements with specific examples.
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